Incubating: SkillBank

Incisive:Labs is a small group of startup veterans and senior technology professionals. We are incubating SkillBank because millions of people are trying to find their way forward into the post Covid 19 employment landscape. We’re driven to help them weigh their options, make good choices and get the help they need to create the future they desire.

Launching soon — forming partnerships now.

Leveraging big data and AI, SkillBank is building Career Advancement Maps in association with many of the most promising industries of this new decade.

Career Advancement Maps provide three things we really need right now:
  • An entirely new way to choose the right career
  • Career transition plans that show the way
  • Access to help transitioning to a brighter future

In this way, SkillBank helps job seekers choose the right career, make a solid plan and get help to thrive in the post Covid 19 employment landscape.

Learn more at To get involved, please use the form below.

We are expanding our engineering teams to help workers and employers prosper. So if you or someone you know wants to do important work using modern technologies, please get in touch.

Please join us — let’s all do our part.

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