Q4 2023 update:

Incisive:Labs has been a John Knapp consulting and software development side project for years. Today, drawing on his recent adventure as cofounder and CTO of leading enterprise AI SaaS provider Procurement Sciences, John is refocusing Incisive:Labs as an enterprise AI advisory.

Because there’s an opportunity to be seized

The current explosion of AI in the enterprise represents a significant opportunity to expand our operations. The C-Suite knows they need to take action but they’re unsure of what action to take. Not only that, too many teams are going in too many directions. And considering how fast things are moving enterprise executives know they need help.

They need our help and we need yours

We’re forming a collaborative alliance to capitalize on this opportunity. We‘re looking for standout individuals who are not only experienced but thoughtful.

If you have talents in these areas, talk to John. (jk@incisivelabs.com)

  • Data science
  • Data engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Large language models
  • Langchain, LlamaIndex, etc
  • Full stack web app development
  • DevOps and containerized workloads
  • Enterprise sales and marketing
  • Technical project managers
Tell your friends

If you know a technologist, especially with good communication skills, send them over.