The MindTime Framework

Enhancing human performance through deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.

Refined over 20 years and proven by science, The MindTime Framework is built upon an individuals blend of three foundational thinking perspectives on time:

  1. Thinking of the Past we can know what is certain
  2. Thinking of the Present we can know what is probable
  3. Thinking of the Future we can imagine what is possible

Our blend of these three perspectives represents our Thinking Style which predictably shapes our behaviors, our approach to tasks and our reactions to concepts and ideas.

By knowing our own Thinking Style and the Thinking Style of others, we can improve our communication, collaboration and results.

John Furey, creator of The MindTime Framework explains the three thinking perspectives.

MindTime for Teams: Enhanced Collaboration

In existing teams, Thinking Styles can help groups optimize their interactions to achieve greater synergies and better outcomes.

When teams are forming, Thinking Styles can identify complementary individuals and be used to assemble high performance “dream teams.”

MindTime for Marketers: Know your Customer

In product launches, understanding Thinking Styles helps you align your message with the customers perspective and grow beyond early adopters into the broader population more easily.

In marketing campaigns, mapping Thinking Style evolution and sentiment over time can help you assess campaign effectiveness, know why something works with a certain audience and constantly improve your results.

Incisive:Labs offers The MindTime Framework and Services to improve your business results.

Let’s discuss how MindTime can help your business.

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