Distributed Workforce Alignment Suite

Confidential Summary — April 30, 2020


The Distributed Workforce Alignment Suite is for SMBs and Enterprises transitioning to a more distributed workforce. Modules interoperate and also integrate with, and add value to other business systems found within the target segment.


Businesses that can continue to grow with a distributed workforce can save money and gain access to a global talent pool. However, in this new landscape, decision making, strategic alignment and daily focus can suffer. And so will results.

These are the problems our tools address.


  • Distributed Workforce Alignment (DWA) tools go beyond email, messaging and chat.
  • The first three modules are:
    • Incisive:OKRs
    • Incisive:Decisions
    • Incisive:KPIs
  • While modules deliver value singly, their value amplifies when combined.
  • The revenue model is seat licensing with high-value pricing and bundles. Some integrations will carry an additional license fee.
  • Incisive believes business development partnerships with integration partners is a viable and low-cost go to market strategy. Incisive is open to strategic investments from these partners.
  • Incisive believes remote work will become a permanent part of the business landscape. Module planning and marketing is based on mitigation of the negative impacts of a distributed workforce.
  • Shared UX and UI will streamline client onboarding and reduce support costs. Shared code and infrastructure will increase engineering velocity and reduce expenses.
  • The Incisive:Suite brand will be introduced concurrent with the second module.

Incisive:Labs Guiding Principles

  • Marketing succeeds when a desire for change is taking place amongst buyers that are able to pay.
  • Products succeed when the customer is making progress and a value exchange is taking place.
  • Simplicity beats complexity.
  • A propensity for action, always.
  • Ready, aim, fire.