Augmented Reality Distribution Service

Incisive:Labs has the first turn-key Augmented Reality Distribution Service built from the ground up to deliver enhanced AR experiences into the mainstream of online advertising.

ARDS Platform Components:

  • Campaign Management UI – Create and manage campaigns, upload 3d models and choose from a menu of enhancements for those models.
  • AR Experience Server – Quickly distributes your campaign assets.
  • Enhanced AR Viewer – Mobile app for AR creatives which are too sophisticated for web AR. Brandable to meet your needs.
  • Viewer Bridge Interstitials – Provide context between your banner ad and your Viewer based enhanced AR experience.
  • Analytics UI – Comprehensive reporting on your campaigns.

In Daily Usage:

Advertisers load 3d models to their ARDS campaigns and choose enhancements for their creatives. Default enhancements include positioning, clickthroughs, attribution and reporting. Additional enhancements are available, some require the ARDS Viewer.

The ARDS serves these enhanced creatives providing richer and more engaging AR experiences resulting in the delivery of more highly energized consumers to advertiser landing pages. For enhanced experiences which require the ARDS Viewer, Viewer Bridge Interstitials provide context and motivation for Viewer install.

Provides Practical Value:

  • Simple — Reduces AR production complexity
  • Universal — In browser or in the ARDS Viewer
  • Impactful — More engaged landing page visitors
  • Insightful — Reports improve future campaigns

ARDS technologies include AR Quick Look for iOS

We invite your inquiry.

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